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return[]->'confirm_search' return[]->'confirm_search' You have selected one or more rows, these will no longer be selected after your search. Are you sure you want to submit this search?
return[]->'email_invalid_format' return[]->'email_invalid_format' The email address is not in the correct format.
return[]->'first_name_required' return[]->'first_name_required' First Name is a required field.
return[]->'last_name_required' return[]->'last_name_required' Last Name is a required field.
return[]->'learn_about_project' return[]->'learn_about_project' to learn the latest information about the project.
return[]->'no_persons_to_display' return[]->'no_persons_to_display' There are no people to display.
return[]->'welcome_message' return[]->'welcome_message' Welcome to OSPOS, click a module below to get started.