Key English Spanish (Mexico)
$lang["cashups_amount"] Amount Monto
$lang["cashups_amount_number"] Amount must be a number El monto debe ser un número
$lang["cashups_amount_required"] Amount is a Required Field. El monto es un campo requerido.
$lang["cashups_cannot_be_deleted"] Cashup cannot be deleted No es posible eliminar el cobro
$lang["cashups_close_date"] Close Date Fecha Cierre
$lang["cashups_close_employee"] Closed By Cerrado por
$lang["cashups_closed_amount_card"] Cards Tarjetas
$lang["cashups_closed_amount_cash"] Closed Cash Efectivo Cerrado
$lang["cashups_closed_amount_check"] Checks Cheques
$lang["cashups_closed_amount_due"] Dues Cuotas
$lang["cashups_closed_amount_total"] Total Total
$lang["cashups_closed_date"] Closed Date Fecha Cerrado
$lang["cashups_confirm_delete"] Are you sure you want to delete the selected Cashup? ¿Está seguro(a) de eliminar el cobro seleccionado?
$lang["cashups_confirm_restore"] Are you sure you want to restore selected Cashup(s)? ¿Está seguro de restaurar el/los cobro(s) seleccionado(s)?
$lang["cashups_date_number"] Date must be a number La fecha debe ser un número